About Us


Mindset VI is a visionary and innovative way to embed real behavior change through shifting thinking in a two-stage process:


First, we develop the six attributes of a leadership mindset© to help leaders rethink their challenges.


Then, we help leaders develop a practical route to real and meaningful change.

The Result

With Mindset VI, leaders develop visionary and innovative solutions to their toughest challenges,


The result is a self-sustainable solution. And because the shift in mindset stays with the business. Our interactive and practical approach allows teams to solve the challenges of today as well as tomorrow.


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Meet Us

Ruth Morris

Ruth is a mindset consultant, management consultant and psychological coach. She heads up Innate Leaders UK and has worked in the field of professional development for over twenty-five years.


Ruth works globally with a range of industries and all levels of personnel, using her strong corporate background to relate to the issues and challenges facing organisations today.


She spent many years as a management trainer and experiential learning specialist before moving into mindset consulting which has become her passion. Ruth has extensive experience in the design, execution and evaluation of bespoke sessions, and uses a variety of methodologies to inspire people’ choices to bring about positive and lasting change.

D. Ray Freeman

Ray is an author, innovator, and strategic executive with the ability to develop and deliver industry and status quo-disrupting solutions that advance business goals, foster environments conducive to diversity and innovative thinking, and transform and streamline business operations to drive value.


He excels at high-value account management, business development, and growth acceleration for internal BU’s and clients of all sizes. 



Joe Britto

Author of The Six Attributes of a Leadership Mindset (Crown House Publishing, 2019), Joe works with a wide range of entrepreneurs and leadership teams across the non-profit, public, and private sectors.


Psychological coach, mindset consultant, thinker, speaker, and writer Joe founded Innate Leaders, a mindset consultancy, in 2008. It operates in the UK and North America, and has gone on to work with organisations such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Coca Cola, and Bayer.


In 2020 he founded ‘Leadership Mindset for Life’, a seven week personal development course to help individuals lead in their personal lives. In 2021 he developed ‘Mindset VI’, a visionary and innovative way to help leaders transform their businesses by shifting their thinking.


His grounding in experiential learning along with his Master’s degree in literary theory, and Post-Graduate Diploma in psychological coaching has allowed him to create a unique methodology that is the heart of the Mindset VI.

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What You Get

Mindset VI allows leaders to see, connect, and make meaning of the events that affect them, their teams, and business.

With a Mindset VI worldview, leaders move beyond the limits of their own hopes and fears to solve challenges with vision and creativity.